Development Approval

Almost all development and land use within the Shire of Chapman Valley (other than a single dwelling and/or outbuilding upon Residential or Rural zoned land located outside of the Moresby Range Heritage Area) is subject to planning consent from the Council.

In order to obtain planning approval a signed application form for planning consent is required to be lodged with the Council accompanied by a copy of the land title, three sets of plans and a written submission detailing the proposal, and payment of the relevant planning application fees.

In some cases the application for planning consent may also involve extensive consultation with Community and other Government Agencies which will result in an addition fee being charged.

For further information on development approvals please contact Council's Planning Department on (08) 9920 5011 or via email

An Application for Planning Approval Form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Scheme Amendments

An amendment to the Council's Local Town Planning Scheme is usually required in order to change or alter the zoning of a particular property to facilitate subdivision, development or a change in use which could not otherwise be approved under the existing zoning provisions.

The process of a Scheme Amendment is required to be enacted pursuant to the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2005 (as amended) and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015.

For further information on the Scheme Amendment process please contact the Department for Planning's Geraldton office on (08) 9960 6999 or Council's Planning Department on (08) 9920 5011 or via email

Subdivision Applications

The processing of subdivision, amalgamation or survey-strata applications is currently the responsibility of the Department for Planning. The Shire's involvement in this process is to provide comment on the application prior to the proposal being determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

To obtain further information and/or an application form for subdivision, amalgamation or survey-strata it is suggested contact be made with the Department for Planning's Geraldton office on (08) 9960 6999 or Council's Planning Department on (08) 9920 5011 or via email

Subdivision application forms can also be downloaded from the Western Australian Planning Commission website.

Attached Documents

Other Planning Information

Buller Local Structure Plan

Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Scheme

Local Planning Strategy

Moresby Range Management Plan

Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places

Oakajee Industrial Estate

Wokarena Heights

Coastal Strategy