Western Power Information for Chapman Valley Residents 

Today's information

Latest news:  all hazards resulting from the impact of TC Seroja have been managed and made safe and crews are continuing to complete repairs and restorations. Around 1050 properties now remain to be restored in areas worst affected by TC Seroja. Construction on major backbone lines between Three Springs and Mungarra and Three Springs and Moora is continuing. 

Reconnecting power

Even once our infrastructure is replaced, your power may not be back on. There may be additional steps that some residents and homeowners may need to take:

  • Once an electrician has inspected your property, and placed an orange tag on your meter box, the electrician must contact Western Power and notify them that the property is ready for reconnection after fault. Western Power then creates a job that is placed in a queue for a reconnection crew to restore power supply. Wherever possible we are working to restore all properties in the queue that are in a particular street or are closely located. We assure customers that we are working as quickly and safely as possible to process and restore outstanding connections. 
  • Anyone who remains without power should ensure their main switch is turned off in preparation for energisation. 
  • Once your property has been reenergised your power supply might not be restored as there are additional steps you may need to take. If your main switch is back on but you do not have power after energisation please report this to 13 13 51. 
  • If you have a network connection that you no longer require, you can apply for this to be abolished.  It’s free of charge for customers affected by the cyclone. Please contact 13 10 87. 


  • The backbone lines from Three Springs to Mingenew, Three Springs to Moora, and Three Springs to Latham lines are now energised. Repairs are continuing on the transmission lines with Three Springs to Moora expected to return to service by the end of the week (7 May), and Three Springs to Mungarra expected to take a few weeks to return to service. 
  • Construction will now start on the spur lines in the area.
  • The Mungarra to Geraldton transmission line has been restored.
  • A further 450 poles have been replaced or repaired so far on the backbone lines and in towns. 
  • Close to 150 crew members remain in the area to repair the network.

Northampton and surrounds  

  • Northampton townsite has been reenergised with power supply restored. 
  • Two extra reconnection crews from Perth are attending reconnections in Northampton townsite.  
  • All of the townsite has been inspected and `Your Action’ and ‘Customer Disconnection’ packs have been issued.     

Kalbarri and surrounds  

  • Asbestos in parts of Kalbarri is impacting our local work schedule as we ensure our crews follow safety precautions. We will continue to work with DFES and other agencies to ensure hazards can be removed safely before work is carried out to rebuild affected parts of the network. 
  • Cables are being replaced in another section of the townsite which will enable more customers to be restored. 
  • Port Gregory has been restored.
  • Construction is underway, and hazards being removed on the spur lines that service East Bowes Hickety, Dindiloa, Nabawa, East Nabawa, Mt Erin, Nanson, Yetna and East Chapman. 
  • The Kalbarri Microgrid experienced minor damage from TC Seroja, meaning programming and commissioning will be delayed. The microgrid and its battery energy storage system can only provide power if there is a network of poles and wires. As the cyclone severely damaged the 6.6kV network in the Kalbarri townsite, the battery cannot deliver power.


  • 40 customers remain without power in Alma. 
  • We have crews working on the Northampton to Kalbarri backbone line after which they will focus on Alma, which is on a spur line.  
  • This could take up to two weeks as part of a phased approach to restore power and we appreciate the community’s understanding of the necessity of this approach. 
  • It is an unfortunate consequence that the extensive damage caused to some parts of the network have impacted some communities more than others and we assure those customers still affected that we are working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore power. 

 Geraldton city  

  • Crews are continuing to complete reconnections.   


  • The townsite has been restored with power.   
  • Work is continuing on the spurs off the Mingenew to Perenjori line.  


  • Work is continuing on the spurs off the Morawa to Canna line. 


  • The main line to the town has been energized.     
  • Crews continue to conduct repairs to damaged infrastructure on individual properties in the area and hope to further restore supply in the coming days.  
  • Around 58 homes and businesses remain without power.  
  • Work is continuing on the spurs off the Morawa to Perenjori line. 


  • 42 townsites in the Wheatbelt have now been restored to power.   

We’ll be at community meetings in Moonyoonooka and Northampton on Wednesday 5 May, and at Mullewa on Thursday 6 May.