Citizen Awards 2021

Congratulations to the Winners of the Shire's Australia Day Awards. Shire President, Anthony Farrell recognised community groups and individuals that have made a dedicated effort to better the Chapman Valley community on a regular basis. People who donate endless hours of their time and energy and deliver a stronger community for everyone.

The Chapman Valley Western Riding Club were awarded the Community Group of the Year Award for their dedication to improving club facilities and working to expand their membership to include an ever growing group of people in Chapman Valley that are fond of horse riding.

Mr Tom Davies was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award for his unwavering determination to bring improvements to the White Peak area for enjoyment by the entire Chapman Valley and surrounding community.

This years Award nominees also included:

Community Group Nominees
CABY: for the running of the Yuna Pool, among other terrific community focussed initiatives.
Chapman Valley Western Riding Club: for their dedication to improving club facilities including resurfacing the arenas, and working towards significant lighting improvements and expanding their membership.

Citizen of the Year Nominees
Fiona Mann: for establishing an essential bulk food supply process for farming families during the depths of COVID-19 social isolation and travel restrictions.
Breyley Lauritsen: for her contributions to the community as chairperson of the Chapman Valley Primary School board and member of the P&C.
Tom Davies: for dedication to the further development of the White Peak residential area.
Carl Stewart and Judy Mills, currently the Yuna school bus drivers for their hugely generous efforts in leading and enabling the Yuna community to take part in the State’s Container Deposit Scheme.
Brenda Williamson, Brenda is the Treasurer of the Chapman Valley Football Club (CVFC) and a driving force behind the management of the club's off field activities.
Ashley Eastough for his role as community project manager of the Yuna Tennis Court revitalisation project.
Brady Green, who has demonstrated innovation in the community amongst his peers and his creativity in delivering lasting results in many roles with the school, YFIG, and tennis club.