CEO Update

Local Government Elections – 2023 Postal Voting

The Shire of Chapman Valley has appointed the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) to conduct its 2023 Local Government Ordinary Election in October by means of postal voting.

And for the first time, as part of Tranche 1 of the Local Government Act Reforms ‘optional’ preferential voting will be in force during the election process.

Preferential voting is the same method used in state and federal elections. Optional preferential voting means you are not required to provide all preferences in casting your vote.


Election process impacts

The process of the election will remain the same, the key difference being how you complete your vote on your ballot paper, instead of ticking a box or boxes, you will number a box or boxes.

Multiple vacancy elections under optional preferential voting will require additional steps where preferences need to be distributed.

Elections will be conducted using the CountWA computer system where the local government uses the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

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Information regarding the upcoming election including:

  • How to become a Councillor;
  • Election Timeline;
  • Electoral enrolment; and
  • Frequently Asked Questions will be provided via social media accounts and Councils website in the lead up to the election