Overview- Strategic Community Plan Review

Endorsed in 2017, the Shire of Chapman Valley’s Community Strategic Plan established a 10 year, big- picture overview of the aspirations and goals for the future of Chapman Valley.

The Strategic Community Plan is our principal strategy and planning document. This means that it governs all of the work that the Shire undertakes, either through direct service delivery, partnership arrangements or advocacy on behalf of our community. The clear direction set by the Council ensures asset and service provision is focussed on meeting the requirements of our community, now and into the future.

The Strategic Community Plan also anchors the Council's guiding documents such as the Corporate Business Plan and Long Term Financial Plan.

The strategic direction of the Shire is translated into services and projects that are delivered to our community through the Corporate Business Plan. This ensures that strategic priorities are translated into real actions. The Corporate Business Plan is reviewed each year and reported to our community through the Annual Report.

Local Government’s must undertake a full review of the Strategic Community Plan every four years, and the Shire of Chapman Valley has commenced this review process.

This current review process included online and hardcopy surveys and multiple community workshops.

Feedback is critical to developing a current and accurate Strategic Community Plan that captures the community’s ideas and priorities for the Chapman Valley they wish to enjoy into the future.

Since the survey period and face to face consultation, a draft Plan has been developed and we are now seeking feedback from the community on this draft Plan, prior to further consideration and final adoption by Council.

Submissions to the Draft Strategic Community Plan

Read the Plan HERE

Submissions (mail or email) close at 4:00pm on the 12th August 2022 and are to be addressed to the undersigned.

 Copy of the Draft Plan can be obtained from the Shire Website (search Corporate Documents), or can be mailed or emailed to you upon request to the Administration Centre (08) 9920 5011 or email cso@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au

Jamie Criddle

Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 1, Nabawa, WA, 6532