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Assistance from the LMDRF Tropical Cyclone Seroja Appeal is currently available to owner/occupiers and occupiers (tenants) where the property was:
- their primary place of residence;
- impacted by Tropical Cyclone Seroja;
- located within the declared disaster area; and
- either totally destroyed or suffered major damage to property making in uninhabitable.

The declared disaster area includes the following Local Government areas: Carnamah, Chapman Valley, Coorow, Dalwallinu, Dandaragan, Greater Geraldton, Mingenew, Morawa, Mount Marshall, Northampton, Perenjori, Shark Bay and Three Springs.

The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund (the Fund) aims to assist eligible individuals to effect repairs to their residences and to restore normal living conditions as quickly as possible. Assistance is made in the form of financial grants.

Categories of LMDRF assistance which may be considered
▪ Grants may only be provided to cover repairs to a primary residence to make them safe and habitable or to replace contents that are irreparably damaged.
▪ Assistance cannot be paid in respect of damage to cars, boats and caravans (except caravans being used as a primary residence), as the fund is not established to for the replacement of luxury, recreational or ancillary assets.
▪ The Fund is not established to assist business operations that have been impacted by the cyclone.
▪ Please note that if your primary residence is at your place of work, eligibility will only be for personal assets (such as home, contents and fencing around the homestead) and not business-related losses (such as crop and livestock losses or destroyed machinery).

Who decides on my claim?
▪ The Board of the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund will decide on eligibility and the associated level of assistance for individual claims.

What are the categories for assistance, so people can start applying?
The Board has reviewed the advice received from the affected Local Governments and Recovery Committees and decided on the following.

Round 1 assistance measures

Total loss of property  Up to $25,000
Major damage to property making it uninhabitable  Up to $10,000
Occupier (tenant)
Total loss of property  Up to $25,000
Major damage to property making it uninhabitable  Up to $10,000

Further assistance measures will be decided by the Board as additional information of the extent of damage across the affected districts is received from relevant emergency coordination bodies.

What is considered total loss and/or major damage?
Total loss of property
▪ Complete failure of major structural components (e.g. collapse of walls or roof), or
roof off building.
▪ Structure is unrepairable (without demolition), unsafe and not habitable

Major damage to property making it uninhabitable
▪ Complete loss of roofing material
▪ Roof structure significantly damaged (damage to roof trusses)
▪ Structural damage that requires major repairs
▪ Structure is not usable or habitable

Please note:
▪ Total or major damage cannot relate to business assets.
▪ Only one application per dwelling will be accepted.

How long will the application assessment process take?
The process normally takes 6-8 weeks, however may take longer if the information provided in the application is incomplete. Timely responses to your local government and LMDRF queries will assist in speeding up the process.
The funds raised will be disbursed as quickly as possible once applications are received and assessed.

Points to remember
▪ The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund assists individuals.
▪ The Fund fully relies on public donations to the Tropical Cyclone Seroja Appeal and the quantum of any grants made to you will be relative to the total donated amounts.
▪ Please assist the application process by filling out this form as fully as you can.
▪ Be realistic on values. The Fund wants to be fair to you, but it must also be realistic in arriving at a measure of the loss incurred.
▪ A damage assessment may be undertaken by your local government authority on behalf of the Fund as part of the application review process.
▪ If you consider you are eligible for assistance and wish to apply, please lodge your claim as soon as possible.
▪ If you are in doubt or have any questions, ask your local government authority for clarification. This will ensure you get the correct information.

Where do I apply?
The process to apply will be determined by the LMDRF. This may vary dependent on what Local Government Authority you reside in or your property is located in.


Property type
I am an ___ of the impacted property *
The Impacted property is my
The impacted property sustained
The hardcopy application form includes a loss table (see image below). This can not be replicated exactly in the online form. Please fill in your 15 damaged items and their estimated value in the text box below.
I, the applicant, certify the above information is correct and seek assistance from the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund for the abovementioned losses sustained as a result of ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja 2021. *