Council Welcomes BlazeAid

Published on Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 1:34:08 PM


21 April 2021


Council welcomes BlazeAid

The Shire of Chapman Valley Council today endorsed a motion to support the establishment of a BlazeAid base camp at Yuna, in the Shire, to assist the community following the devastating impacts of Tropical Cyclone Seroja.

Shire of Chapman Valley Council President, Anthony Farrell said at today’s Council meeting, measures were unanimously supported to assist farmers facing a huge clean-up effort.

“Council passed a resolution that welcomes BlazeAid into our district and provides the exclusive use of the Yuna Community Centre as a base for these vital volunteers.  

“The Shire is hearing loud and clear, requests from farmers to secure stock urgently and that reconstructing hundreds of kilometres of fence lines is a priority.

“Staff have been working with other local governments and local grower groups to coordinate this effort and the services of BlazeAid will be utilised across the mid-west.

“BlazeAid has been applauded for their recovery efforts during other disasters, and to have them here in the region is a great opportunity to restore badly damaged infrastructure immediately.

The Council has agreed to underwrite a payment to BlazeAid to assist with the establishment of the Yuna camp and will look to other funding sources  to contribute to that payment if they have capacity.

Donations of funding to assist with BlazeAid’s daily catering requirements for volunteers can be made directly to BlazeAid. Requests to participate as a volunteer can also be made directly to BlazeAid. Contact Judy at or 0427 614 546.

The Shire of Chapman Valley continues to manage its recovery from Cyclone Seroja with the relevant government agencies.


Shire President, Anthony Farrell will be available for comment at today’s community dinner at the Nabawa Community Centre at 5pm.

  • Contact: Maurice Battilana, CEO, Shire of Chapman Valley, 0429 205011
  • Contact: Judy Bland, BlazeAid, 0427 614 546

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