Disaster Recovery Community Meeting Information

Published on Thursday, 15 April 2021 at 11:08:56 AM

If you missed last nights community meeting here is a recap of relevant and current information for the community


  • Please log your calls for help and damage with SES 132500.
  • SES will capture all requests for assistance and attend to every request that is received. The SES can not rectify damage where asbestos or electrical risk is present, as this will require specialised attention. Request for repairs are placed in priority need. Requests for general yard clean up is not a priority.
  • A recovery centre for displaced people is set up QE2 building in Geraldton should you require emergency accommodation.
  • DFES will be based at Geraldton HQ for our community should you require any assistance.



  • Please report any suspicious behaviour or activity immediately to Police
  • •There are additional Police resources in Northampton and Geraldton and will be for the foreseeable future, running a 24 hours shift schedule. Requests for patrols to Chapman Valley is a phone call away.



  • Telstra has been working through the region. The arrived in the shire yesterday to start repairs and try to restore power and signal to towers. Nabawa has been restored. Naraling is close to being restored, Yuna and Yuba East require back power and is reliant on the Naraling tower being operational.
  • Communication is still sporadic and intermittent across the shire. Please continue to use the bush telegraph to spread the word



  • Disaster Response Hotline 1800032965

Outreach assistance teams are on call.

  • Psychologist/counsellors are now available to provide emotional support to our local community through calling this number.
  • Accommodation and ongoing needs for displaced persons can be reached through the hotline
  • Current disaster financial assistance is provided for the LGA's of Chapman Valley & Northampton. Services Australia continue to work through the impact zone to assess the damage. Updates will be provided on the shires natural disaster status as they come to light.
  • If you do need financial assistance please call the hotline or Centrelink.
  • The department is working with the Salvos, Red Cross Food bank and Volunteering WA to disperse resources available from these organisations.
  • Care bags are available. Please contact the department of communities or register your need with the shire.


WESTERN POWER (from their FB page)

  • There has been extensive damage to the network, with 16,000 households still off the network and this will take some time to restore • No time frame has been given as to when power may be fully restored
  • Western Power is asking for patience as damage is repaired
  • As there are still fallen lines and poles, please remember to maintain an 8m distance from electrical hazards
  • Please register all electrical metre box/main line issues/hazards with Western Power 131351
  • Please ensure you follow good generator protocols if using a generator – use according to manufacturer’s guidelines, ensure property changeover switch is used in accordance with Aust. Standards, and follow all DFES requirements, contact an electrical contractor if unsure
  • The shire is aware their are many without backup power. At this stage there is no known gen sets available that the shire can loan to residences. Be assured the council is asking what is possible here. In the meantime if you have spare gen set that you can loan please consider asking your neighbours if they need one, or register your offer of help with the shire at community@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au



  • Shire of CV Rubbish Tip will be open all day every day until further notice. There is to be no dumping of ASBESTOS •Shire is working with DFES on asbestos disposal plan • Verge side rubbish collection in nominated locations is being investigated by the shire. Register with the shire if this is a service you would use.
  • The Shire is looking to provide showers and ablutions, and drop in centres at central shire buildings, however power will need to be restored onsite prior to this service being made available to the public. Updates will be provided ASAP •If you can offer you time to work as a local welfare person, please contact the shire via the community email. A local welfare person is someone who is willing to drop by people’s homes for a cuppa and chat, or willing to volunteer an hour to be at the local drop in centre/s.
  • Please also register calls for assistance and damage to the shire at community@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au This will help Council to continue to advocate for the needs across the shire •Fuel Bowser- shire is working towards restoring power at the Nabawa bowser. Further updates and operating times will be posted.
  • BlazeAid: the LG has to initiate a request. BlazeAid can assist with fencing and the shire would like to know if you these volunteers. please register your interest including length of fences to be repaired, and if you have livestock, with the shire via the community email.
  • The council has enacted the local recovery plan, and two local recovery committees have been set up (infrastructure and community) to work specifically on the recovery needs of Chapman Valley •The long term recovery schedule for the Chapman Valley community is a work in progress and will be advised accordingly as new information comes to hand


The Shire of Chapman Valley is working hard to advocate for you and your families.

Please remember to be gentle with yourself, try to sleep, eat well and exercise where possible. Reach out to Family/friends and neighbours if you can.

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