Presidents Message 2021/2022 Rates & Budget

Published on Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 4:18:12 PM



President’s Message

Local government authorities are required to adopt budgets for the forthcoming financial year. This process legally requires local governments to consider the Strategic Community and Corporate Business Plans. These two Statutory Plans are supported by the Long Term Financial, Asset Management and Workforce Plans.

 There is an ongoing need for these Plans to be reviewed to reflect changes in circumstances and to continually improve these documents with the emphasis being to look as far as possible into the future. We have progressively improved the Plans with a full community consultation process undertaken in 2017.

 Rate Revenue

Council and staff continually look at how to improve efficiencies to keep rate revenue increase to an absolute minimum.

The shire considers the amount of rate revenue at the time of adopting its Budgets with the following increases over the past five years:



Rate Revenue


Rate Revenue


 Rate Revenue

% Rate Revenue

Increase from Prev. Year



























This equates to an average rate revenue increase of 3.5% for the past five years. The Shire’s current Long Term Financial Plan’s (LTFP) recommends an average of 5% Rate Revenue increase per annum over the ten-year life of the Plan. The Shire was basically tracking in accordance with this annual percentage increase until 20/21 where there was no increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Council resolved to charge a differential rating category of Unimproved Valued (UV) Oakajee Industrial Estate on unimproved valued land contained in the Special Control Area of the Shire of Chapman Valley Town Planning Scheme, set aside for the purpose of strategic industry and deep-water port, known as the Oakajee Industrial Estate and Buffer Areas. The advertised rate in the dollar for general and differential UV rates has been adjusted to reflect Council’s decision to have a 3.0% Rate Revenue increase in 2021/2022.

 The differential UV rating categories and rate in the dollars for 2021/2022 are: 

Rate Category

R: $

                     Minimum Rate

Unimproved Value (UV) Rural General

1.0900 c

 $            400.00

Unimproved Value (UV) Oakajee Industrial Estate

2.1000 c

 $             400.00

 It should be understood although the rate in the dollar is set by Council the individual land valuations are determined by the State Government (Landgate). UV properties are subject to an annual revaluation.  Whereas, Gross Rental Valued (GRV) revaluations are undertaken every five years, with the latest GRV revaluation taking affect in the 2019/2020 rating period

Irrespective of land valuation changes Council maintains the position of determining what is required in overall rate revenue to operate the local government and cannot focus on the individual impacts due to various valuation changes. Therefore, the Shire adjusts the rates in the dollar to accommodate the valuation changes to achieve the overall rate revenue funds required.

The Gross Rental Valuation rate in the dollar for 2021/2022 has been set at 9.4315 cents in the dollar.

Ratepayers are encouraged where they face significant changes in their valuation to contact Landgate Valuation Services, Customer Service Officers on (08) 9273 7373.

 Senior/Pensioner Rate Rebates for 2021/2022

 Ratepayers holding a Commonwealth concession card, the Government will provide a 50 per cent rebate for local government rates capped at $750.  Ratepayers holding a WA Seniors card, the Government will provide a 25 per cent rebate for local government rates capped at $100.00

Emergency Services Levy 2021/2022

The declared minimum ESL charge is $88.  As a category 5 Local Government all ratepayers will be charged this amount.  For further information on the Emergency Services Levy please visit the DFES website.

Rate Payment Methods

In Person:   At the Shire Administration Office situated at 3270 Chapman Valley Road, Nabawa 6532.  Normal office hours are   Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

Website:     To pay with credit card visit the Shire website at

By Mail:       Cheques to be made payable to the Shire of Chapman Valley, PO Box 1, Nabawa WA 6532.

BPAY:           Contact your financial institution for information and use the reference number supplied on the bottom of your rate notice.

 Centrelink Centrepay: Visit  to find out how to register for Centrelink Centrepay. Ratepayers eligible for a State Government Rebate (pensioner or senior card holders) may pay their rate & ESL charge on or before 30 June without incurring penalty interest.  All other charges are payable by the due date.


Council is offering three options for payment:

Option 1     

Payment in full on or before 10 September 2021

Option 3*     Payments by Four Instalments

                       - First instalment 10 September 2021; and

                       - Second instalment 10 November 2021

                       - Third instalment 10 January 2022; and

                       - Fourth instalment 11 March 2022

Option 2*    Payments by Two Instalments

                      - First instalment 10 September 2021; and

                      - Second instalment 10 November 2021

Instalment interest of 5.5% will apply to these options



Ratepayers experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to contact this office as soon as possible, before the due date, to discuss alternative arrangements. Council has a Hardship Policy for ratepayers experiencing  financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A copy of the policy and application process can be found on the Shire website here.

Major Projects & Significant Budget Items

The 2021/2022 Budget includes several major projects and items. The following is a list of some of these:

 Road Works Projects - Estimated Total Expenditure for both Road Construction & Maintenance – approx. $3.3m

Grant Reliant Projects


Dartmoor Rd

Upgrade approx. 4.0km to 7.2m Seal


Valentine Rd

Upgrade approx.. 3.0km to 7.2m Seal


East Nabawa Rd (east & west sections)

Upgrade approx.. 6.0km to 7.2m Seal


Northampton Nabawa Rd

Reconstruct Shoulders, Improve Drainage & Reseal



Own Resource Projects


Yuna Multipurpose Community Centre

Access Road & Carpark Upgrades


Gravel Sheeting

Various Roads



Other Significant Budget Items     

Community Growth Fund Grants – Various Projects


Commonwealth Government - Local Roads & Community Infrastructure Program Projects (various)


Plant Replacement/Additions



Should you wish to contact your local Councillor their details can be found at


Anthony Farrell


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