Presidents Message

Published on Friday, 16 April 2021 at 4:43:57 PM

Message from the President 

16th of April 2021

Well, it has been an immense week, and I do hope you are going okay. There are many across the shire that have been impacted significantly by cyclone Seroja and are hurting at this very moment. Thankfully, everyone is safe and there has been no loss of life to date.

Waking on Monday to be faced with the devastation was heart-breaking. It is widespread across our whole shire. With debris as far as the eye can see and more, it has been and is a mammoth task to clean up.

Since then, the staff, councillors, and community have launched into recovery mode. To the shire staff and community members who got up on Monday to take in the damage of their own properties, vehicles, and workplace, to then turn up and turn their attention to the community, I thank you. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Maurice and his team of staff for their dedication in advocating on behalf of the community. There has been a power of work, meetings, phone calls, and emails to activate the deployment of resources into the shire. This is ongoing, so any information that can be shared with the local government is helpful in ensuring your needs are being met. Please email this through to or phone (08) 9920 5011.

Ongoing connectivity outages across the shire is a concern. The shire has direct links to Western Power, Telstra, and Node One and we will continue to update them with any information we receive in the hope it expedites reconnection. In the meantime, should you require access to Wi-Fi or a phone line please drop into the shire office between 8:30am-4pm, Monday to Friday for assistance.

As we continue the recovery, The Shire of Chapman Valley have enacted the local disaster recovery plan and is coordinating tasks through two council committees. They are live and working for you. Please reach out to me or any of the councillors or staff during this time. The Shire of Chapman Valley is beside you, and your families. 

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