Proposed Lease of Reserve 28055 Eastough Street, Nanson

Published on Friday, 18 December 2020 at 11:55:20 AM


The Shire of Chapman Valley is in receipt of an enquiry about the potential leasing of a portion of Reserve 28055 Eastough Street, Nanson for the rehabilitation of kangaroos. 

Figure 1 - Location Map of Reserve 28055 Eastough Street, Nanson


Reserve 28055 is a 3.1497ha reserve comprising 4 parcels of land either side of the Durawah Gully and Chapman Valley Road.

The applicant is seeking to lease a portion of the 3,830m² Lot 109 section of Reserve 28055, this being the north-western of the 4 parcels that backs onto the applicant’s 5 (Lot 5) Eastough Street, Nanson.

Figure 2 - Aerial Photo of Reserve 28055 & adjoining Lot 5 Eastough Street



The applicant currently cares for macropods (kangaroos) upon their property at 5 (Lot 5) Eastough Street, Nanson prior to their release. The applicant is enquiring whether the Shire would be supportive of leasing a portion of the adjoining Reserve 28055 to enable their pre-release pen area to be expanded.

The lease pen area would be fenced with a cyclone fence with shadecloth similar to that already in place for a section of the property boundary 

Reserve 28055 contains the Chapman River Walk Trail and the applicant is proposing to assist in the maintenance of the trail as part of their lease arrangement.

When this enquiry was presented to the Council meeting of 16 December 2020 the accompanying Shire officer report recommended that the comment of surrounding landowners be sought in regards to this matter.

The officer report also suggested that consideration of the leasing of a portion of Reserve 28055 should not be for the full area as marked in red in the applicant’s correspondence. It was instead considered that any lease should be confined to within the area bordered by (i.e. not include) the Chapman River Walk Trail. This was recommended to avoid confusion over whether the walk trail could be accessed by the public at all times and also avoid any liability issues for the lessee with them leasing a walk trail that is used by the general public.

The officer report suggested that the leasing of a portion of Reserve 28055, as shown in yellow in below Figure 3, might worth some consideration based upon the following:

  • Reserve 28055 does present fuel load issues and the leasing of the interface area between Crown and private land would provide a mechanism for, and enable, the adjoining landowner to manage this fuel load;
  • the primary recreational purpose for Reserve 28055 is as part of the overall Chapman River Walk Trail, and leasing of a portion of the area that does not impact upon the trail would not conflict with this primary purpose;
  • the expanding of the kangaroo rehabilitation pen area to abut an approximately 125m section of the walk trail, with visually permeable fencing, would provide a feature for the trail in keeping with its nature theme;
  • the installation of the fence would provide a clearer edge for the walking trail and a basis for some future improved delineation works e.g. gravel path that would also serve as a fire break/access;
  • this section of Reserve 28055 has been identified as flood prone by the Department of Water & Environment Regulation’s Chapman River Flood Study (2020) and the proposed lease purpose would not involve siting of buildings;
  • the leasing of a portion of Reserve 28055 would not conflict with the strategic direction of the Nanson Townscape Plan, providing it does not impact upon the general public access along the walking trail.

Figure 3 - applicant’s submitted proposed lease plan on left, Shire alternative suggestion on right

(red line – applicant’s suggestion, yellow line – Shire alternative suggestion, blue line – walk trail)


Council resolved at its meeting of Council held on 16 December 2020:

“That Council invite comment upon the proposal to lease portion of Reserve 28055 (Lot 109) Eastough Street, Nanson for macropod rehabilitation and at the conclusion of the advertising period return this matter to Council for its further consideration.”

Should you wish to comment on this proposal (support/object/indifferent) please ensure that your submission is lodged with the Shire before 4:00pm Friday 29 January 2021 upon the following submission form.

 Submission Form 

Should you wish to view the minutes of the 16 December 2020 Council meeting that provides further background information on this matter they can be viewed on the Shire website at the following link:

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