Proposed Outbuilding – 38 (Lot 112) Wokarena Road, Buller

Published: Thursday, 8 August 2019 at 9:22:15 AM

The total proposed 178.12m² outbuilding area (comprising the 95.52m² proposed shed and 82.6m² existing shed) would comply with the Shire of Chapman Valley Outbuildings Local Planning Policy which establishes 180m² as the total outbuilding area for the Residential R2.5 zone.

However, Council’s Outbuildings policy requires that outbuildings within the R2.5 zone should have a maximum wall height of 3.5m and a maximum overall height of 4.5m (as measured from natural ground level).

The submitted application proposes an outbuilding with a 4.3m wall height and a 5m total outbuilding height, noting also that the outbuilding would be placed upon fill due to the sloping nature of the site meaning that the wall height would be 4.6m and the total height 5.3m as measured from natural ground level at the highest point.

The outbuilding is also proposed to be sited 3m from the western side property boundary at its closest point. Table 1 of the state-wide Residential Design Codes of Western Australia recommends a setback for (non-front) boundary setbacks of 7.5m for R2.5 zoned properties.

As the application is seeking variation to the Outbuilding policy height and R-Code setback requirements it is required to be placed before a meeting of Council for its determination.

The Shire has written to the surrounding landowners directly and is also inviting comment from any other interested party prior to this matter being presented to the meeting of Council which will be held on Wednesday, 18 September 2019 commencing at 9:00am for its determination. 

The Council meeting is open to the public should you wish to attend, and will be held at the Council Chambers, 3270 Chapman Valley Road, Nabawa.

A copy of the received application and additional information that provides further background to this application can be viewed by clicking on the below link.

Also available by clicking on the below link is a submission form should you wish to make comment (support/objection/indifferent) in relation to this application and comments must be received by the Shire prior to 4:00pm Friday 30 August 2019.

The Shire trusts that the attachments provide sufficient background to this matter, however, should you have any queries please contact at this office on 9920 5011.

Submission Form & Additional Information

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