Proposed Outbuilding - 27 (Lot 115) Richards Road, Buller

Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2023 at 8:16:45 AM

The Shire has received an application for a brick wall, metal roof outbuilding upon 27 (Lot 115) Richards Road, Buller.

The proposed outbuilding, being 228.36min area (comprising 175.32menclosed area and 53.03mlean-to area) exceeds the maximum 180m floor area requirement of the Shire of Chapman Valley Outbuildings Local Planning Policy for the 'Residential R2.5' zone. 

The proposed outbuilding would have a wall height of 3.5m and a total height of 6.28m which exceeds the maximum 4m wall height/5m total height requirements of the Shire of Chapman Valley Outbuildings Local Planning Policy for the 'Residential R2.5' zone.

The proposed outbuilding is proposed to be sited 7.5m from the rear (western) boundary and 1.5m from the side (northern) boundary. State Planning Policy 7.3 - Residential Design Codes of Western Australia ('R-Codes') recommends a setback distance of 7.5m from (non-front) boundaries in the 'Residential R2.5' zone. 

Due to the application proposing variation to the area and height requirements of the Outbuildings Policy and the side boundary setback requirements of the R-Codes, this matter is being advertised for public comment prior to being presented to a meeting of Council for determination. 

The outbuilding is also proposed to contain a 59.02mhabitable compartment comprising 2 bedrooms, living room/kitchen and bathroom/toilet.

A copy of the application along with background information, and a submission form should you wish to make comment (support/objection/indifferent) can be viewed by clicking on the below link.

Comments must be received by the Shire prior to 4:00pm Friday 22 September 2023.

Should you have any queries please contact the Shire office on 9920 5011.

Submission Form and Application

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