Purchase of Reserve 13085 (Lot 39) Lauder Street in the Nanson

Published on Friday, 18 December 2020 at 11:31:48 AM


 The Shire of Chapman Valley is in receipt of an enquiry about the potential for purchase of Reserve 13085 (Lot 39) Lauder Street in the Nanson townsite.

Location Map of Reserve 13085 Lauder Street, Nanson

Reserve 13085 is a vacant 1,012m² property in the Nanson townsite that has a management order issued to the Shire of Chapman Valley for the purpose of ‘Recreation’.

Aerial Photo of Reserve 13085 Lauder Street, Nanson


The Shire is considering the disposal of Reserve 13085 on the following basis:

  • Reserve 13085 is considered surplus to recreational requirements as formal recreational facilities are already provided 400m to the south at the Nanson Playground, and informal recreational opportunities are provided along the Chapman River reserve immediately to the west of Lauder Street;
  • Council has no identified future purpose for Reserve 13085;
  • disposing of Reserve 13085 would not be contrary with the Shire’s strategic direction as contained in the recommendations of the Nanson Townscape Plan, as the plan identifies no Shire use for the land; &
  • the disposal of Reserve 13085 can allow for the development of a residence upon the property thereby assisting in the growth of the Nanson townsite community.

The received enquiry was presented to the meeting of Council held on 16 December 2020 where it was resolved:

“That Council invite comment from the lessee, adjoining landowners and service authorities in regards to the potential disposal of Reserve 13085 (Lot 39) Lauder Street, Nanson and at the conclusion of the advertising period return this matter to Council for its further consideration.”

Council is now inviting comment in relation to this matter prior to formulating its response to the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage who are the owner of the property (with the Shire being the managing authority only).

It should therefore be noted that the Shire’s role in the disposal of Reserves is an initiating and advisory one only, and the final decision on whether to dispose of the land, the setting of a valuation for the land, and collection of the payment for the land from the purchaser, all rest with the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage.

Should you wish to comment on this proposal (support/object/indifferent) please ensure that your submission is lodged with the Shire before 4:00pm Friday 29 January 2021 upon the following submission form.

Submission Form  

Should you wish to view the minutes of the 16 December 2020 Council meeting that provides further background information on this matter they can be viewed on the Shire website at the following link:


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