Church Service Dates & Times for 2020

Nabawa and Nanson Anglican Church

Nanson on 23rd of February at 10.30am.

Nabawa on 5th of April at 10.30am.

Easter service at Nabawa for CV Primary School on 8th April at 9:00am.

Nanson on 24th of May at 10.30am.

Nabawa on 28th of June at 10.30am.

Nanson on 23rd of August at 10.30am.

Nabawa on 20th of September at 10.30am.

Nanson on 25th of October at 10.30am.

Nabawa on 22nd of November at 10.30am.

Christmas Service for the CV Primary School on 11th December at 2:00pm.

All Welcome.

Enquiries contact Rev. Eldred Royce on 0498 999 540 or 9934 1140.