About the Council

The Shire of Chapman Valley is a Local Government Area located in the Mid West region of Western Australia, approximately thirty minutes northeast of Geraldton and about 440 kilometres (273 mi) north of Perth. The Shire covers an area of approximately 4,007 square kilometres. Our economy is reliant on a range of agricultural pursuits including intensive farming, grain production and wool growing.

Established as the Upper Chapman Road Board in 1901, it was not until 1960 (as a result of the Local Government Act) that the Board became known as the Shire of Chapman Valley.

The Council consists of eight elected members who bring with them knowledge from each section of our rural community, from rural residential & lifestyle areas near the coast to ‘God’s Own Country’ outback, Yuna. The peri-urban areas located in the south west corner of the Shire, are the fastest growing area within the Shire, offering people the opportunity to live a semi rural lifestyle close to the ocean and neighbouring city facilities.

My Council

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