Waste Management

Nabawa Refuse Site

Opening Hours: Wednesdays & Sundays, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Residents are required to provide a copy of their Shire Access Card (if requested) when they dispose of their rubbish if they are to avoid any charges being imposed or access to the site being denied.

Refuse Site Charges are applicable to those unable to produce a Shire Access Card.

Residents witnessing any non-Chapman Valley resident utilising the refuse site should contact the Shire Office immediately so the offenders can be dealt with accordingly. Vehicle registration details of offenders is valuable information to assist the Shire with its investigations.

The Nabawa Refuse site is located off the Chapman Valley Road on the Nabawa Yetna Road, south west of the Nabawa town site.  It can also be accessed from the North West Coastal Highway turning on to the Nanson Howatharra Road and again on to the Nabawa Yetna Road.

Rubbish is to be dumped in the appropriately signed areas for the rubbish type.

Disposal of waste oil, grease, hydraulic fluids, grease, etc. is prohibited. Such items are to be disposed of at the Meru Refuse Site. Waste oil may be collected by Wren Oil so contacting them direct may assist with this product.

Disposal of Chemical Containers, tyres gas bottles, combustible fuel containers, liquid waste, asbestos is prohibited. Illegal dumping will result in prosecution.

Dumping of large quantities (3 cubic meters or greater) of rubbish or building materials requires prior authorisation for the Shire CEO. Fees may be imposed.

Children must be supervised around the refuse site area and remain away from the disposal site areas at all times.

CCTV is in place at the refuse site.

Refuse Site Map