Council and Committee Meetings

Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month (except January) usually in the Council Chambers, 3270 Chapman Valley Road, Nabawa commencing at 9:00am. However; these meetings can move to other locations within the Shire in an attempt to ensure we reach out to the whole community as much as possible.

Members of the public are welcome to observe meetings and 15 minutes is set aside at the beginning of each Council meeting for "Public Question Time".

Questions requiring research are requested to be submitted at least three working days prior to the meeting to allow answers to be researched, otherwise questions may be taken on notice.

Agendas for ordinary Council meetings are available for inspection at the Shire Office or on the Shire Website from the Monday before each meeting.

Committee meetings are held as and when required.

Committee & Working Group Representatives

Schedule of Ordinary Council Meeting Dates:

DateMeeting Location
January 2020 - NO MEETING -
19 February 2020 Nabawa Chambers
18 March 2020 Bill Hemsley Park Community Centre
15 April 2020 Cancelled
20 May 2020 Nabawa Chambers
17 June 2020 Nabawa Chambers
15 July 2020 Nabawa Chambers
19 August 2020 Yuna Multipurpose Community Centre
16 September 2020 Nabawa Chambers
21 October 2020 Nabawa Chambers
18 November 2020 Nabawa Chambers
16 December 2020 Nabawa Chambers