The Nabawa cemetery reserve was surveyed in 1911. The first interment in the Nabawa cemetery took place on 14th August, 1911. A great deal of voluntary work was carried out by the early board members, their wives and other residents in clearing and fencing the cemetery and maintaining its appearance. In the years following the end of the 1914-18 war, the residents of the district united to provide a suitable memorial to the fallen soldiers. In 1926 this monument was erected on a reserved piece of ground within the Nabawa cemetery. [Information courtesy of the Chapman Valley Historical Society].

Council has now completed an Interment Wall at the Nabawa Cemetery.  Application for Reservation of memorial position can now be made by contacting the Shire.

      Nabawa Cemetery Cemetery wall

Below you'll find information pertaining to the Nabawa Cemetery. If you have any questions please contact us at the Shire on 99205011 or by emailing cso@chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au

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