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Heavy Haulage Vehicle Permits

Council has adopted the current approved Main Roads WA’s Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) roads and conditions associated with approved roads within the Shire of Chapman Valley.

Procedures for the establishment of a new or amendment to an existing Heavy Haulage Route is as follows:

    1. Operator applies to Shire of Chapman Valley.
    2. Shire staff inspect new route to determine suitability in accordance with basic MRWA criteria.
    3. Shire staff put recommendation to MRWA to reject or progress the application.
    4. Send application from Shire to MRWA Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) - Route Assessment Section.
    5. MRWA Heavy Vehicle Officer (HVO) will send the application to MRWA regional office to inspect route and make appropriate recommendation back to MRWA Heavy Vehicle Officer (HVO).
    6. MRWA HVO reviews the route assessment then approves or rejects route and advised Shire of Chapman Valley accordingly.
    7. Once a route has been approved it remains relevant to all operators who then make direct application to MRWA for a permit (not to Council).

Refer to the current Main Roads WA’s Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV), website (links below) for the approved list of roads within the Policy;

Main Roads - Prime Mover & Trailer Road Conditions

Main Roads - WA’s Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV)

Road Hierarchy Policy IP-006

Council has adopted a road hierarchy for all of roads within the Shire we are responsible for. This hierarchy list is reviewed at least annually, and always at the time Council is allocating resources and funding for the forthcoming year road works program, to ensure all mitigating circumstances are taken into account and appropriate adjustments made accordingly.

Below are the Road Hierarchy categories:

  • A -  Main Arterial Roads
  • B - Main Feeder Roads
  • C - Minor Feeder Roads
  • D - Major Access Roads
  • E - Minor Access Road

Download Road Hierarchy List

Road Surface Summary

Below is a quick look at the road surface types for all road under the control of Council within the Shire of Chapman Valley. The figures do not include roads under the control of the State or Commonwealth governments.

Road Type  Length (km)  Area (m2)
Unformed 117.71 584,242.00
Formed 267.24 1,625,159.00
Paved 401.023 2,905,385.00
Seal width less than 4.00m 34.82 128,834.00
Seal width 4.00 – 4.99m 1.70 6,800.00
Seal width 5.00 – 5.99m 1.53 8568.00
Seal width 6.00 – 6.99m 0.98 5,880.00
Seal width 7.00 or more 55.36 387,630.00
Total sealed 94.39 537,712.00
Total built roads 880.57 5,652,498.00
Unbuilt roads (Xsect=0) 3.00 0.00
Total all roads 883.57  
Total number of roads 143.00  

Significant Roads

The Mid West Regional Road Group is made up of representatives from sixteen local government authorities across the Mid West and Murchison. This Group determines which local government controlled roads are to be categories as Significant Roads across the region. These are the only roads eligible to seek State Government grant funding for maintenance or capital upgrade works

Below is a list of roads under the control of the Shire of Chapman Valley listed as Significant Roads.

  • Balla Whelarra                                            
  • Chapman Valley Road
  • Coronation Beach                                      
  • Dartmoor
  • Dartmoor Lake Nerramyne                        
  • East Bowes
  • East Chapman                                            
  • East Nabawa
  • Nanson Howatharra                                               
  • Narra Tarra
  • Northampton – Nabawa                            
  • Valentine
  • Yuna – Tenindewa

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