Community Development

Chapman Valley is a beautiful place to live with a vibrant and welcoming community. The Shire is here to help our community grow and prosper to create opportunities for inclusion and diversity.

If you have an idea on how to make Chapman Valley an even better place to live, work and play contact the Shire's Community Development Officer on 9920 5011 or email:

Community Growth Fund

The Shire of Chapman Valley Community Growth Fund is available for not for profit community based organisations, event organisers and individuals to support the promotion and development of social, economic, recreational, art and cultural projects for the benefit of residents of the Shire of Chapman Valley.

This local grant program supports and assists services, activities and programs thoughout the Shire.

Community Growth Fund grants follow an annual timeline as outlined below:

  1. February – Applications open;
  2. March - Applications close;
  3. March/April - Advisory Group determination & recommendation to Council;
  4. April – Council determination on projects to be placed into draft budget;
  5. July – Council endorsement of Draft budget and confirmation of successful CGF submissions;
  6. July/August – Successful & Unsuccessful applicant formally advised.

Start planning now and discuss your project with the Community Development Officer on 9920 5011.


The Objectives of the Chapman Valley Community Growth Funds are to:

  • Assist the efficiency of operations of community groups by improving organisational development, asset purchases, marketing and management.
  • Encourage partnerships fostering cooperative planning between groups to maximise effective use of resources.
  • Increase the range of and access to quality events, activities, services and groups within the Shire of Chapman Valley.
  • Support community development initiatives and socially responsible community approaches.
  • Encourage the community to actively promote Chapman Valley’s positive attributes.
  • Encourage the development of excellence and leadership in recreational, sporting, economic, tourist, environmental, skill/capacity building and cultural pursuits.

One of the most effective means of promoting community development is through the use of volunteers and non-government organisations.  The Shire of Chapman Valley acknowledges and supports the contribution that community members make of their time, labour and expertise toward improving our community’s quality of living.

In 2018/2019 the Community Growth Fund supported the:

    • Chapman Valley Men’s Shed: season 2 of ‘Shinema’ an open air cinema with live music
    • Chapman Valley Men’s Shed: 8 week gym program
    • Chapman Valley Historical Society: Onsite BBQ and electrical works
    • Chapman Valley Agricultural Society: Dining Hall upgrades in time for the 70th Annual Chapman Valley Show
    • Yuna Tennis Club: Infrastructure upgrades including lighting
    • Parkfalls Residents Association: Wind protection at the Bill Hemsley Park Community Centre

Community Growth Fund Application Form

Community Growth Fund Guidelines