About Chapman Valley

Love the Rural LifeRich in cultural history, the valley offers a delightful range of events, attractions and cultural activities for the trepid explorer to experience.

We hope you’ll find this site useful in planning your visit. Here you will find suggestions for self guided walking and driving tours and places of interest, including relevant information and maps.

The picturesque Shire of Chapman Valley, just north of Geraldton, extends from the coast of Coronation Beach, eastward to the Greenough River, north to the Rabbit Proof Fence and south to the East Chapman River.
Explorer George Grey was entranced with the Valley’s beauty and we are sure you will be too, for where else can you view “A lofty chain of mountains, flat-topped, so irregular in their shape and outline that they seem rather the work of art than of nature”?Grey documented these words in his journal in 1839, stating that such discoveries “repay the explorer for much toil and trouble [Halley, EM & Wilson HH 1946. Roundabout Geraldton and the Victoria District, Geraldton Guardian, Geraldton].”

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Day Trip Options in Chapman Valley

A predominately broadacre agricultural area Chapman Valley is renowned for its magnificent flat-topped Moresby Ranges, its pristine coastline and beautiful array of wildflowers from July through to October.

If you’re traveling out to the Valley today, remember accumulated litter and carelessly discarded cigarette butts are potential fire hazards. Protect our natural environment. Think before you Litter.

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