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Chapman Valley Primary School

Chapman Valley Primary School is located in the hills of Nabawa. Surrounded by fields of wheat, lupins and canola, the school hosts students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students attending Chapman Valley Primary School come from the farming and broader community of the surrounding district with a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds. Two school buses provide transport for out of town students.

The  school is very well resourced. Each classroom has between 9-20 computers and an iPad for each student, and also have a comprehensive library collection, numerous musical instruments and modern teaching aids, including interactive whiteboards. The playgrounds provide a wonderful place for students to enjoy themselves, with a large focus on 'nature play' within our gorgeous nature playground, where students can build cubbies, climb, jump, create, play and explore.

Chapman Valley Primary Schools vision is of a school where children are nurtured, educated and challenged in a supportive and safe learning environment. It is a vision of a school, which, by use of the most effective 21st Century teaching and learning practices, will develop balanced and capable adults who value achievement, motivation and life-long learning, while demonstrating pride in themselves, their school and community.


Phone: 08 9920 5032     

Visit Chapman Valley Primary School Website for more information.

Chapman Valley Primary School

Yuna Primary School

Surrounded by vast country yet a hive of learning and activity the Yuna Primary School nurtures its students  and is supported by a strong agricultural community.

Currently students attend the school from the town and outlying farms.  The school is 42 years old, with many of the students' parents having attended the school as students in their younger days. The school had up to 70 students attending back in the 1960's.

The school is the central hub of the town and is family orientated, offering small classes in a caring and supportive environment. Staff at Yuna Primary school is made up chiefly of members of the local community. Yuna has an active P&C and an enthusiastic School Council which support the school. The Yuna community depends on the school for organising local events and keeping everyone informed of relevant issues, events, fixtures and meetings, via the School Newsletter. The families of Yuna connected to the school take a lot of pride in the school grounds and achievements of their children. A consistent approach to two-way communication is a priority. The community always welcomes new people to the town and certain necessities such as fuel outlets, housing and communities are always being fought for by a pro-active development group.


Phone: 08 9920 1021