Past Projects

Below are examples of some of the Shire of Chapman Valleys past projects. They have all added value to our community and environment.

Nanson Showground Shade Shelter

This great addition can be enjoyed by all users and was made possible by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program, the Midwest Development Commission, the Shire of Chapman valley, the Chapman Valley Agricultural Society and Greenough Western Riding Club.

Shade Shelter1

Chasing Clouds

Rural women are the heart and soul of communities and rarely have the opportunity to explore glamour and aspirations.  That was until Cloud Chasing was developed as a way to give local women a platform to express this using an internationally recognised Stylist and Fashion Photographer.

68 rural women across the Midwest delved into what makes them tick, their fears, talents, aspirations and a sprinkle of creative magic.  All are captured in stunning settings between Chapman Valley, Mullewa and Morawa.

The Yuna CWA was the host organisation for the Chapman Valley with 22 Chapman Valley ladies taking part which began with a vision workshop to create their theme and story. Local ladies went on a journey to develop their story based on dreams, life challenges and aspirations, ready for their individual photo shoot. Creativity emerged with sewing costumes, making props and sourcing specific items to enhance their story.

A makeup and photography workshop was also held as a learning opportunity to show how the wonderfully talented Andy Grader-Orupe (Makeup Artists and Stylist) and Carlo Fernades (Fashion Photographer) create the images for the project.

Participants delved a little deeper in composing a story behind their image which was showcased at the exhibition held at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.

This project was funded by the Community Arts Network CANWA and supported by the Shire of Chapman Valley, Mullewa Arts Development Group and Yuna Country Womens Association.


Picture: Brenda Williamson

Old Road Board Restoration and 100 year Celebration

The "Capturing - Connecting - Celebrating" Project commemorated 100 years since the first headquarters for Local Government in the Chapman Valley district, officially opened in 1913. The State Heritage listed building is now affectionately known as the "Old Roads Board Building".

Through Lotterywest and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, funding provided restoration work and new display material to be printed, the production of a DVD, purchase of a television, DVD player, new blinds and a cabinet to display very early rate books.120 people attended the event with ABC broadcasting live, local businesses selling produce, both Primary Schools providing entertainment, a mock Council meeting, bush poetry as well as the Vintage Car Club.

Museum (1)        Museum (3)        Museum (2) 

Nanson Playground

The Nanson Action Group, with the support of the Shire, successfully gained Lotterywest funding to place shade over the town’s small playground and built a basketball key way to help keep kids be safe from the sun and entertained.

Nanson Playground

Yuna Community Centre

The Yuna Community Centre project had been more than 5 years in the making and was finally opened September 2015.

The new rammed earth building replaces existing community buildings to incorporate Tennis, Playgroup, child health nurse, Yuna Farm Improvement Group, Creating A Better Yuna and many other activities and training events.

The project was funded by the Shire of Chapman Valley, Yuna Farm Improvement Group, Midwest Development Commission, Department of Sport and Recreation and Lotterywest.

Yuna Townscape Project

The Yuna Townscape redevelopment is a significant accomplishment by the people of Yuna working together with the Shire to fulfil a community vision.

Yuna now features a children’s playground [including shade], public art display, gazebo, and there are plans for walkways and more public art to help depict the history and tradition of Yuna.

Yuna, Chapman Valley

Barb the builder – Home maintenance course

Through funding support from the Dry Seasons assistance (Department of Agriculture and Food WA) the Shire was able to develop a home maintenance course, “Barb The Builder” which had an overwhelming response from local women. The popularity of the program went far beyond the Shire’s expectations, and the skills all women learnt will be extremely valuable. There have been many requests to run another similar course as many women missed out.

The “Barb The Builder” Home Maintenance Course was a one day course where an experienced maintenance officer covered safety issues as well as hands on practice. Each participant took home a toolbox with all the necessary tools to carry out home maintenance tasks.

This kind of course provides these women with life long skills which will greatly assist them throughout and beyond drought, by helping women gain the confidence to stay on the farm and carry out tasks in a safe environment.

Barb the Builder

Yuna Oval

The grassing of an area in Yuna was flagged in the Yuna Townscape Plan, designed and written by Creating a Better Yuna and the Shire of Chapman Valley. Within in this plan there was a small area identified for grassing on the existing Yuna Oval site.

The project evolved further through the Yuna Primary School P&C, who identified an increase and future increase in student numbers at the school. This group flagged the need for a grassed area for the students to recreate and learn. Through the support of various funding sources and the Shire, the Yuna community succeeded in gaining a new lawn area.

                 Yuna Oval                                 Yuna Oval grass

Local litter prevention strategy - Protect our environment. Think before you litter

The Shire of Chapman Valley, with funding support from Keep Australia Beautiful, has developed a local litter campaign that aims to promote positive waste control behaviours.

Throughout this website we have incorporated litter messages which we hope will gain the attention of our web users and remain with them when they/you think of our Shire and our natural environment. Our key message is “Protect our natural environment. Think before you litter.” As this message highlights our aim is to protect our natural environment from the effects of litter and to make people aware that there are penalties for littering.

As part of this project the Shire hope to improve on the number of bins and signage at Fig Tree Crossing, proposed tourist information bays [Nanson, Yuna and Coronation Beach], at the new ocean lookout at Coronation Beach, and within sport and recreation areas within the shire.

It is hoped these bins and accompanying signs which will contain localised images and messages developed through community workshops. By working with an artist local it is anticipated participants will be able to create various designs based upon local environments i.e. the effects of litter on our waterways, to our native wildlife and landscapes.

The Shire also hopes to use the local designs to promote positive waste management through local news updates within the website, e-news and the internet.