Online Form - Community Enhancement, Donations and Sponsorships Application Form

The Shire of Chapman Valley recognises the value of donations and sponsorship to deliver activation, vitality and participation benefits to the local community.

The intention of the Community Enhancement, Donations and Event sponsorship procedure is to provide support to a broad range of events, activities and projects occurring throughout the year, that are based in the Shire boundaries to enhance the sense of community in the Valley.

For any questions, please contact the Community Development officer on 9920 5011 or email:

Is your organisation registered for GST:
Are you seeking a donation or event sponsorship?
Tiers of funding<br> Tier One, funding of $100-$500 for individuals participating in National Sporting competitions outside of WA (upon proof of selection) that may/may not be eligible for DSR (Regional Athlete Travel Subsidy) or ASC Local Sporting Champions) can be dealt with by the CEO under Delegation 3005;<br> Tier Two, funding of $100-$1,000 can be dealt with by the CEO under Delegation 3005 <br> Tier Three, funding of $1,001-$2,500 can be dealt with by the CEO in consultation with the Tourism & Events Advisory Group under Delegation 3005 <br> Tier Four: Tier Four, funding of $2,501-$5,000 will require presentation to Council for consideration
For events: Have you completed and submitted an Event Approval Form yet?
Is there an entry fee to the Project/ Event/ Activity
Will the event be run by volunteers?
Is the event open to the local community and general public?
Are you expecting any other funding for your project (your organisation contribution, sponsorship, other grants)
GENERAL DETAILS <br> Is the project subject to an existing management licence or similar arrangement?
Is the project undertaken on Shire of Chapman Valley owned property?
Do you have public liability insurance? If yes, please attach a copy of 'Certificate of Currency'
Is this project dependant on Shire funding to proceed?
Does your project include other local organisations?
Do you agree to acknowledge the Shire's contribution to your project in all media, promotional documents and visual signage?

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