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Published on Friday, 15 March 2024 at 3:04:37 PM


Successful Grant Funding

Council is pleased to receive advice from the State Government via Hon David Templeman, Minister for Culture and the Arts; Sport & Recreation; International Education and Heritage that the Shire of Chapman Valley was successful in its grant application to the Community Sport & Recreational Facilities Fund.

The grant will see Council allocated $925,701 as part of an initial $3,000,000 project which will see much needed upgrades to the Nabawa Recreation Centre facilities to assist in future natural disasters and provide increased capacity to evacuate and care for displaced people and will reduce the impact of hazards on the community. During times of non- disaster, the facility is a community sporting facility which is in desperate need of renovation and remodelling, the changeroom facilities due to previous additions have made several rooms irrelevant, a waste of space and under sized. There is also a lack of consideration for the ever increasing female participation rates within football and cricket circles and a distinct lack of disability access and facilities.

Chapman Valley CEO, Jamie Criddle explained “The Nabawa Recreation Centre & Stadium has been a topic of discussion over a number of years and has been the subject of numerous ‘adhoc’ renovations and upgrades since the 1980’s. While these renovations have allowed the facility to remain functional at the time, the changing demands placed on the facility have deemed it not fit for purpose and in desperate need of major renovation.”

The project would increase the Shire’s capacity to respond during times of disaster, something that was severely limited by a lack of local infrastructure in the recovery period post the impact of Severe Tropical Cyclone (STC) Seroja which devastated the Mid-West region in April 2021.

“The community lacked a dedicated disaster recovery centre and displaced residents were not able to be located within the Shire requiring relocation to Geraldton between 40 and 100km away. This funding allows Chapman Valley to care for Chapman Valley people and offer an alternative recovery centre for our neighbouring Local Governments and will provide State of the Art facilities for the ever increasing female participation rates within football and cricket circles and a distinct lack of disability access and facilities”. said President Kirrilee Warr.

The consultation process will now continue with the community and user groups as well as work on further funding for the project.


15 March 2024

  • Contact: Jamie Criddle, CEO, Shire of Chapman Valley, 0429 205 011
  • Contact: Shire President, Kirrilee Warr, 0407 981 709

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