Rabbit Baiting Program 2023

Published on Wednesday, 19 April 2023 at 3:15:23 PM

Rabbit Baiting Program 2023
Over the Summer period, Council contracted the services of Western Mulga to assist with the rabbit problem within the Park Falls and Dolby Creek Estates.
Areas targeted for feral rabbit control included:
• Dolby Creek
• Selected Bridal Paths
• Bill Hemsley Park
• Other Council controlled lands
Council did not and will not deploy baits on private property, that is the responsibility of the individual landholder.
A total of 73kg of oats, laced with pindone were consumed over a 32 day period.
The success of these programs relies on the whole community playing their part. If you noticed that rabbits were not reduced on your property, it's more than likely because of the lack of controlled baiting in your immediate area by individual landholders.
A Pindone baiting program was applied across multiple locations within Dolby Creek and Park Falls Estates, a total of 57 Bait Stations were deployed throughout the areas.
Two types of Bait stations were used, one style 44 gallon drums cut in half length ways with a hole cut in each end for access to the bait which was placed under the drum.
The second style was a 400mm x 400mm ply board, a shallow furrow dug where placed was the bait in and covered with the ply board leaving furrow entrances at either end of the boards.
Each bait station was loaded each day with 250g of Pindone laced oats, results were recorded each morning using a percentage of bait taken method.
The results show over the baiting program an estimated 73kg of Pindone laced oats were consumed over the 32 day period.
Council, as part of its draft budget deliberations will consider the pindone baiting program again for Summer 2023/24, but would require greater buy-in from the local community to continue.
Further information can be obtained by visiting the Shires website https://www.chapmanvalley.wa.gov.au/.../ranger-services.aspx

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